Why a Contoured Seat?

Many people have asked about seat contours; why do BodyBilt do contoured seat, and what exactly are the benefits?

To answer the question of why BodyBilt has a contoured seat, you have to go deep into BodyBilt’s history…

The short answer

The original goal was to find a seat design that would provide comfort and support for long-term seated posture. To provide the user with not only the maximal comfort but to also maintain focus on their task. That goal led to the development of the #2 seat.

ischial tuberositiesIf you’ve spent any time on a picnic bench, you understand all too well what part of the body gets sore. The sitting bone, the ischial tuberosities, which is at the bottom side of the ischium, shown in the diagram to the right.

The BodyBilt #2, #4 and #7 seat pans have what we refer to as the “Ish dish,”. The Ish dish is that spacing on the underside of the seat. That spacing is designed to provide comfort and support without creating a pressure point for the ischial tuberosities.

The contouring also provides the benefit of reducing seated pressure. The seat maximises the contact area with the anatomy of the seated person, effectively distributing the seated pressure over a larger area.

Contouring is a passive ergonomic feature, meaning that the person seated in the chair does not have to cognitively perform an adjustment in order to take advantage of the contouring.

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