BodyBilt have a range of ergonomic office chairs that are suitable for users of all shapes and sizes.

From small and petite to big and tall, High & Mighty will have a seating solution that is designed to give you optimal comfort and support.

Bodybilt chairs are made with robust and durable materials that perfect for offices, laboratories and at home.

Big and Tall Chairs3

The big and tall chairs are the most famous range of BodyBilt chairs. They accommodate users who are above the standard height and weight and provide a comfortable and supportive seating solution. All Bodybilt's big and tall chairs are made with reinforced structures and support the weight of up to 42 stones. The unique 12-point posture control system allows full customisation towards the sitter's needs. The big and tall chairs mostly feature the popular J mechanism as it maximises the adjustment of the chair. The mechanism pivots from the centre of your seat. Both seat and back angles are infinitely adjustable throughout their range of motion. When tilt-lock is unlocked, this chair moves comfortably with your body. Additionally, the J mechanism can be used with a seat slider or back depth adjuster to allow for correct seat depth adjustment.

Bariatric Chairs2

The BodyBilt range of bariatric chairs is a unique seating solution. They are designed for users above the average height and weight. The seat pan is larger than the average seat whilst the structure is reinforced with cast aluminium. This makes it durable which supports up to the weight of 43 stones. Although they are durable, the chairs are also surprisingly comfortable. The backrest and seat are filled with multi-density foam.

Saddle Seat Chairs2

The saddle seat chairs feature the most deeply contoured seat pan within the BodyBilt's range. A saddle seat is a great option for those who want to improve their sitting posture. Research has indicated that the healthiest seating posture is one that mimics the horseback riding. This is because the shape of the seat automatically straightens the back into an upright position. This, in turn, helps strengthen the spine The profound grooves allow the leg muscles to be free of contact pressure. The open position results in better blood circulation to and from the legs. The grooves also help with a wider foot stance, which helps with improved seat balance

Executive Chairs3

Whether you are a business owner or a top-level manager, you need to show the office you mean business. One way you can set the level of professionalism is the way in which you decorate the office. This is where executive chairs come in. However, executive chairs are not only for looks, they also need to provide comfort and support through a long period of work. BodyBilt chairs only use premium materials that not only looks striking but also feel luxurious to sit in. The deeply contoured seats provide immensely comfort seating, while the neckroll supports the head when reclined. Useful when thinking of the next business idea.

Bespoke Options13

We have a whole range of bespoke options that can be fitted on the Bodybilt chairs. These can be used to fully personalise and maximise the comfort and support for you. We have various different seat pans, armrests, headrest and others to tailor to your requirements. If you have any questions or queries in regards to the customisation of a BodyBilt chair, please feel free to contact us on 020 7486 7393.

Task Chairs4

The task chairs are functional seatings that can be used for various different activities. They are also used by many different people and are mainly found in shared workspaces. Because they are used by different people, task chairs will need to suit everyone in the office. The task chairs by Bodybilt are developed so that they can be adjusted for everyone. Due to its unique 12-point posture control, this allows the user to adjust the chair perfectly to their needs. The backrest and seat are designed for sitting for long period of time due to its multi-density memory foam. As with all BodyBilt, all the chairs in this range can be customised with options to further enhance the comfort and support of the chair. If you would like to know more about our chairs, please contact us on 020 7486 7393.