Saddle Seat Chairs

The saddle seat chairs feature the most deeply contoured seat pan within the BodyBilt’s range.

A saddle seat is a great option for those who want to improve their sitting posture. Research has indicated that the healthiest seating posture is one that mimics the horseback riding. This is because the shape of the seat automatically straightens the back into an upright position. This, in turn, helps strengthen the spine

The profound grooves allow the leg muscles to be free of contact pressure. The open position results in better blood circulation to and from the legs. The grooves also help with a wider foot stance, which helps with improved seat balance

BodyBilt J2402 Saddle Chair

Fitted with our most contoured seat available, the BodyBilt J2402 is also one of our most popular models.

BodyBilt J3502 Saddle Chair

Designed for long period of sitting, the J3502 features a saddle seat that help release the tension from the thighs and maximises the comfort for the legs.