Big and Tall Chairs

The big and tall chairs are the most famous range of BodyBilt chairs. They accommodate users who are above the standard height and weight and provide a comfortable and supportive seating solution.

All Bodybilt’s big and tall chairs are made with reinforced structures and support the weight of up to 42 stones. The unique 12-point posture control system allows full customisation towards the sitter’s needs.

The big and tall chairs mostly feature the popular J mechanism as it maximises the adjustment of the chair. The mechanism pivots from the centre of your seat. Both seat and back angles are infinitely adjustable throughout their range of motion. When tilt-lock is unlocked, this chair moves comfortably with your body. Additionally, the J mechanism can be used with a seat slider or back depth adjuster to allow for correct seat depth adjustment.

BodyBilt J2504 Big and Tall Chair

The big & tall task chair that provide optimal comfort and support whilst reducing pain in the lower region of the body.

BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall Chair

For seating that fits individuals of larger stature, BodyBilt's J3504 chair has a larger seat pan, and chair arms that are not only wider but also higher to support the arms while working.