Bespoke Options

We have a whole range of bespoke options that can be fitted on the Bodybilt chairs. These can be used to fully personalise and maximise the comfort and support for you.

We have various different seat pans, armrests, headrest and others to tailor to your requirements.

If you have any questions or queries in regards to the customisation of a BodyBilt chair, please feel free to contact us on 020 7486 7393.

BodyBilt #8 seat

A minimal contoured seat for those who prefer a slightly standard seat pan.

BodyBilt #2 seat

The most contoured and popular of BodyBilt's range of seats.

BodyBilt #6 seat

This seat, typically referred to as the ‘petite seat’ is the smallest of the BodyBilt rang. Fitted as standard on all BodyBilt Petite chairs this seat also appears on some of the more compact medical range chairs.

BodyBilt #7 seat

The #7 seat is BodyBilt’s most popular seat with moderate contouring and the passive ergonomic features which lend excellent support and pressure reduction.

BodyBilt 12” S’port Pivot Arms

Mounted on the versatile Verisitask* arm support, BodyBilt 12” S’port Pivot Arms offers full forearm support. perfect for long keyboard task.

BodyBilt 4-arm

The new BodyBilt 4-arm brings a new level of ergonomic adjustability to the chair world.

BodyBilt Linear Tracking Arm

maximal support with nearly effortless motion

BodyBilt Mini S’port Pivot Arms

The BodyBilt Mini S’port Pivot Arms is the smaller version of the

Castors (standard, hard floor, breaking)

Carpet Casters – C1 Carpet compatible, dual wheel casters are standard

Hard Floor Casters – C2 Soft, dual wheel casters are optional at no added cost. Good choice for hard wood floor or in areas where the chair tends to roll too easily.

Unoccupied Braking Caster (hard floor) – C8 Soft, dual wheel casters that resist rolling when there is no weight in the chair.

BodyBilt S’port Foam

S'port Foam is BodyBilt's additional layer of memory foam that can be added to seat or backrest.

Thoracic S’port ridge

This optional extra is often suggested for those suffering a herniated disc. A ‘ridge’ of S’port foam is built up, during the hand-crafting of the chair back.

BodyBilt #4 Seat

Moderately contoured seat for the larger individual with a weight limit of 226kg. Features Ish dish to maximise seated area to distribute weight evenly.