• BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall Chair
  • BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall Chair
  • BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall Chair
  • BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall Chair
  • BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall Chair
  • BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall Chair
  • BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall Chair

BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall Chair

For seating that fits individuals of larger stature, BodyBilt's J3504 chair has a larger seat pan, and chair arms that are not only wider but also higher to support the arms while working.

BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall Chair

The BodyBilt J3504 Big and Tall chair is a seating solution that affects users of the above weight and height.

The J3504 features the #3 seat pan, which empathises on a moderately contoured seat and designed for larger individuals. It distributes the user’s weight evenly to reduce seating pressure on the legs. The contoured seat encourages an ‘open’ posture that’s vital for healthy and comfortable sitting and automatically promotes good posture.

This model comes with the 12 Point Posture Control as standard to allow flexible adjustments over the chair.

The chair comes with the popular J mechanism, that is designed to pivot and tilt from the centre of the chair to allow even weight distribution when reclined or tilted.

The J3504 also features:

  • Adjustable seat height, depth and tilt
  • Backrest angle adjustment
  • Lumbar pump to adjust lumbar support.
  • A moulded neck-roll is provided for ergonomic support of the neck with maximum adjustability.
  • Adjustable armrest height, width and depth with pivoting arm pads.

Made with reinforced steel structure and with a larger seat, the J3504 is a popular chair to accommodate workers of up to 36 stones.

  • High-Back: 22.0” (56cm) long x 21.5” (54.5cm) wide
  • Upholstered Back Shell
  • Backrest angle adjustment: 15° range
  • Backrest depth adjustment: 2” (5cm) range
  • Backrest height adjustment: 4” (10cm) range
  • Optional Adjustable neck roll: 4” (10cm) height range
  • Armrest height & angle adjustment
  • Armrest width adjustment: 4” (10cm) range
  • Black, soft arm pads: 4” (10cm) wide
  • #4 Seat Dimensions: 21”D (53.5cm) x 26”W (66cm)
  • Seat slider adjuster: 2” (5cm) range
  • Seat height adjustment: 5.5” (14cm) range
  • Seat tilt adjustment & tension control
  • J-style adjustment mechanism (seat pivots from the centre of mechanism) Swivel: 360° range
  • BodyBilt’s “Ish Dish” decreases seated pressure to provide added comfort
  • Black 27” (68.5cm) five-star base
  • Steel-reinforced seat structure: 26” (66cm) wide x 21” (53.5cm) deep
  • Carpet Casters
  • Black 27” five-star base
  • Inflatable Air Lumbar®
  • Varying height cylinders: (from extra-short to extra-tall)
  • Upholstered Arm Pads
  • Variety of Casters & Glides
  • S’port® Ridge
  • Thoracic S’port® Ridge
  • Posture Tecnics (PT) Option
  • Different Base Options
  • Special Stitching
  • Fabric Protection
  • S’port® Foam (back and/or seat)
  • S’port® Lumbar
  • Inflatable Air Lumbar®
  • Specialty Arms

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