• BodyBilt J2509 Stretch Chair
  • BodyBilt J2509 Stretch Chair
  • BodyBilt J2509 Stretch Chair

BodyBilt J2509 Stretch Chair

The BodyBilt J2509 Stretch chair is for individuals who, whilst not heavy, are taller than average.

Bodybilt J2509 can support the user weight of up to 21st (133kg) and provide exceptional support for the upper and lower back.

The STRETCH seat is 4’’ longer than the BodyBilt standard seat, which makes this more comfortable for longer legs. The unique layers of foam combined with anatomical contouring helps support the spine and pelvis when seated.

This model also comes with the innovative 12 Point Posture Control as standard. The 12 Point posture control allows the user to take full charge over the amount of adjustability. Therefore, the user can tailor the adjustments to their specific needs.

  • High-Back (22.0” long x 21.5” wide)
  • Fully upholstered back shell
  • J-style adjustment mechanism (seat pivots from the center of mechanism)
  • Seat depth adjuster (seat slider) (2.5” range)
  • Backrest angle adjustment (15° range)
  • Backrest height adjustment (3.5” range)
  • Armrest height adjustment (4.5” range)
  • Armrest angle adjustment (360° range)
  • Armrest width adjustment (2” range)
  • Black, non-upholstered arm pads (soft, 4.5” wide)
  • Armpad width adjustment (2” range)
  • Armpad angle adjustment (30° range)
  • #9 Seat (23” depth x 23” width)
  • Seat height adjustment (3.5” range*)
  • Seat tilt adjustment (16° range)
  • Tilt adjustment lever
  • Tilt tension control
  • 360° Swivel
  • Black 27” five-star base
  • Varying height cylinders: (from extra-short to extra-tall)
  • Upholstered Arm Pads
  • Variety of Casters & Glides
  • S’port® Ridge
  • Thoracic S’port® Ridge
  • Posture Tecnics (PT) Option
  • Different Base Options
  • Special Stitching
  • Fabric Protection
  • S’port® Foam (back and/or seat)
  • S’port® Lumbar
  • Inflatable Air Lumbar®
  • Specialty Arms

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