BodyBilt #8 seat

BodyBilt #8 seat

A minimal contoured seat for those who prefer a slightly standard seat pan.


For those who prefer a less contoured seat, the BodyBilt #8 seat is the ideal choice for you.

The #8 seat pan is the same size as the #7 seat. The only difference is that the #8 seat has a larger seating area because of the bolster on #7 seat.

The #8 seat does not have the ish dish spacing under the foam like the #7 and #2. But as with the #6 seat, the #8 seat provides good comfort and support, because of the multi-density layered foam.

It is highly suggested to get s’port foam in the #8 seat for additional comfort.

The #8 seat is available with the J mechanism, but not the R. It is a good seat for someone who does not want contour or is coming from using a chair with a flat seat and the contour is a little too intimidating for them.

  • Features the ‘waterfall front’, designed to reduce the risk of creating pressure points on the back of the upper legs
  • Exceptional support and reduced pressure gained through multi-density layered of foam. Optional S’port* foam is recommended for extra comfort