BodyBilt #6 seat

BodyBilt #6 seat

This seat, typically referred to as the ‘petite seat’ is the smallest of the BodyBilt rang. Fitted as standard on all BodyBilt Petite chairs this seat also appears on some of the more compact medical range chairs.


The BodyBilt #6 seat pan, typically termed the petite, is the smallest of the BodyBilt repertoire. This makes it more suitable for individuals of smaller stature.

The #6 seat pan features a waterfall front edge and provides exceptional support through a multi-density layering of foam.

This seat pan has been successful to fit individuals well under five feet in height. But has also found a great position for use as a laboratory seat and as a scooter (sit/stand application).

The seat also makes it a favourite in places with limited space, such as dental and medical office exam rooms.

The #6 seat pan does not have the ish dish spacing under the foam as the #7 and #2 seats, but as mentioned the multi-density layered foam provides good support without creating pressure points.

  • Features the ‘waterfall front’, designed to reduce the risk of creating pressure points on the back of the upper legs
  • Exceptional support and reduced pressure gained through multi-density layered of foam.