BodyBilt 4-arm

BodyBilt 4-arm

The new BodyBilt 4-arm brings a new level of ergonomic adjustability to the chair world.


The BodyBilt 4-arm has become the standard armrest of the BodyBilt range. With it, it brings a whole new level of adjustability.

The styling of the 4-arm complements all of the BodyBilt chairs. The arms are very robust because of its cast aluminium structure. They also provide great comfort because of its soft touch arm pads.

The armrest has been tested to withstand an outward force of 750lbs. The arms are locked in a cog to keep the arms from moving when getting in and out of the chair.

  • Length                 25cm
  • Width                   10cm
  • Articulation        7°
  • Width Range      7.62cm
  • Height Range     11.43cm
  • Angle Range       360°