BodyBilt 12” S’port Pivot Arms

BodyBilt 12” S’port Pivot Arms

Mounted on the versatile Verisitask* arm support, BodyBilt 12” S’port Pivot Arms offers full forearm support. perfect for long keyboard task.


The BodyBilt 12” S’port Pivot Arms is longer (12”) and wider than the standard pad. The arms are suitable for full-forearm support for keyboard tasks. Because the S’port arms are longer, This also makes it perfectly suitable as an upgrade for big and tall users.

This model differs from the standard S’port arms as the pivot mount allows you to increase or decrease the width of the armrest post. This helps reduce pressure from sitting against the post of the armrests. Suitable for individuals with wider hips.

The S’port pad adjusts three ways and adds a horizontal 2” radius axis of adjustment to bring pads closer to the torso.

Upholstered in black, washable Finesse® fabric.