12-Point Posture Control System Explained

The 12-Point Posture Control System is a patented system by BodyBilt. It allows the user full control over the adjustments of the chair to the exact needs.

BodyBilt chairs allow accommodation for a wide range of body shape and sizes. However, it is still able to keep correct posture and support at all times.

12-Point Posture Control System

All BodyBilt’s ergonomic chairs have the following adjustability:
  • Locking knob

  • Angle articulation point

  • Height adjustable backrest

  • Air lumbar pump (optional)

  • Armrest height, articulation and an angle adjuster

  • Backrest depth adjustment (optional)

  • Backrest angle adjustment

  • Adjustment for seat height

  • Seat tilt adjuster

  • Tension control for the seat tilt

  • Adjustable armrests width

  • Swivel

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